Arash Zamyadi, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

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Articles published in refereed journals and scientific publications:

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Articles submitted to refereed journals

  1. A. Faruqi, M. Henderson, R.K. Henderson, R. Stuetz, B. Gladman, B. McDowall, A. Zamyadi (2017 – Submitted) Removal of algal taste and odour compounds by granular and biological activated carbon in full-scale water treatment plants. Water Science and Technology: Water Supply.

  2. F. Choo, A. Zamyadi, K. Newton, G. Newcombe, L. Bowling, R. Stuetz, R.K Henderson (2017 – Submitted) Performance evaluation of in situ fluorometers for real time cyanobacterial monitoring. IWA H2Open Water Journal.

Scholarly book chapter


  1. A. Zamyadi (2014) Chapter 5 - Emerging toxic cyanobacterial issues in freshwater sources: Influence of climate change. In: Seafood and Freshwater Toxins: Pharmacology, Physiology, and Detection. Ed. L. M. Botana, Third edition, Taylor & Francis, USA.Click to read the complete chapter.
  2. C. Chen, A. Zamyadi, T-F. Lin, D. Gallagher (2018 – In press) Chapter 6 Removal of Odorants from Drinking Water. In: Taste and Odour in Source and Drinking Water: Causes, Controls, and Consequences. Eds. T-F. Lin, S. Watson, M. Suffet, IWA Publishing, UK.