Arash Zamyadi, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

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List of BGA Innovation Hub designs and services

  • Policy and governance
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Online environmental monitoring - Digital/smart water 
  • Advanced water treatment techniques
  • Blended learning  
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Knowledge transfer

Online environmental monitoring - Digital/smart water 
including :
Datalogger, telemetry cell modem systeincluding :
Datalogger, telemetry cell modem system

For real time water quality motioning and on-time treatment adjustment/optimization.  

In collaboration with ATRAPP team and Hoskin Scientific Ltd.

Advanced water treatment techniques 

Cold plasma oxidation of combined microbial/chemical emerging contaminates in water: 

In collaboration with Dr Bernard Nisol and Professor  Michael R. Wertheimer from Groupe des Couches Minces (GCM) at Department of Engineering Physics, Polytechnique Montréal. Related publication: 


3D-printed mini-hydrocyclone:



  • High through put particle separation, e.g algal cell harvesting
  • Targeted cyanobacteria oxidation: Physical separation of undesirable sources of oxidant demand 


In collaboration with Dr Dries Vandamme, Assistant Professor at UHasselt, Hasselt, Flanders, Belgium. 

Blended learning

Flipped classroom approach:

Interactive flipped classroom on-line module:                  Poster presenting the approach:                                                 Poster presenting the impact:


Scenario based eLearning approach (in English and French):

Example of eLearning material that I developed to simulate water and wastewater treatment process for my Environmental Engineering course:


Educational Technology and Instructional Design expert:

Lila Azouz: